Rock Work
October 2007

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You don't need me to tell you that after two months of drought, all we had to do was complain once, and not loudly, that it was so dry we couldn't tell where the steps stones were needed, for it to open up and dump rain all afternoon. Well, we did need the rain.

We worked north of Whiteface Mountain on the Long Trail, repairing eroded trail and making solid, dry treadway. This has been an ongoing project over many years and it is fun to hike in over past work and see how it is all adding up.

In the pictures you can see we put in a number of stepping stones.

Bruce and John are building a waterbar.

Scott is prompting us to ponder . . . "is there a hyphen in Baryshnikov-esque?"

Tom is just doing what he is told. Except for the cantaloupe. The cantaloupe was all his idea.

Photos by Greg Western.