May, 2012

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Parking lot petroglyphs.

Complete walkthru over Memorial Day weekend. (Except for The Bucket to West Settlement.) Trail is open. Still muddy, despite the dry spring, ditto the flies. Enjoyed seeing the puncheon on the ridge rather than postholing through crusty snow.

Arrived at Chilcoot Pass at the exact same time as Montpelier Section coming the other way. Actually, they got there a little ahead of us. (We heard their saw running and thought to hang back for a few minutes just in case might be swamping and whatnot to do in the meantime.)

A little hazy on Saturday, but Sunday was perfect, clear. We always claim that, of course, but this time really happened. View of Lake Champlain from Whiteface, looking over the folded route of the LT on the near ridge first, and then over Mansfield in the middle distance.

Bridge over Smith Brook could use a little work on the deck. Stay tuned.