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"The Long Trail is an invitation - Mountain high and tree embowered - A free open and easy path that begins where Vermont begins . . . "

- James P. Taylor Founder of Green Mountain Club, 1910

corner of log cabin showing joinery work people clowning with trail tools
Top: Join!
Bottom: Many hands make light work!
(photos by Greg Western, top; GMC archives, bottom.)


Join the Club!

You can preserve and protect Vermont hiking trails and wild mountain lands so they'll be here next weekend and next century.

Membership means paying dues - $35 for an individual. When your dues are added together with the other 10,000 members of the GMC, well, that's adds up to a chunk of change.

The GMC doesn't do much with the money - just three things:

  • Buy wild mountain land and protect it for recreation.
  • Build trails and campsites so people can visit these lands.
  • Teach people outdoor skills so they can visit the wilds safely and with a low impact, leaving them whole for the next visitor.

The GMC has been doing this work for nearly 100 years, and we all enjoy the fruits. Now the Club is getting ready for the next century's challenges and you can be a part of it!

We are volunteer based and member driven. Joining the Club can be more than just a monetary donation. As a member you are invited to be a part of deciding what the GMC's priorities are - what we advocate, what we build, what we teach. And when your voice is joined with the thousands of other Club members, that's a pretty strong voice in favor of hiking and wild mountains.

It's easy to become a member. Just fill out the membership form and send it in. Below are links to the online version of the form, and to the regular print version.

You can choose to join the GMC "at large" or you can choose to join one of the Sections specifically. If you check off that you want to join a Section, the only differences are a portion of your dues are set aside for maintenance work on that Section's trails, and you get an additional mailing once or twice a year telling you about Section outings and activities. We look forward to meeting you! gmcmembership.pdf

Use this link to get to our online membership form. It takes you to the main page of the GMC web site, then just click on "Membership."

You can also phone the GMC membership folks directly at 802-244-7037.

Or here is a link for "print friendly version" of the membership form. Simply fill it out and mail it in with regular postal mail.

It is a "pdf" document so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to look at it (which is free at

The print friendly form opens in a new window.